Frequently Asked Questions

What is your pricing? How much can I expect to be charged?
Onsite is the most expensive. 1-2 hours usually at $75-$85/hour. Drop off and remote support usually average 1-2 hours also at $50-$60/hour. Many projects can be less than $100. If hardware needs to be purchased, that will be an additional cost that we can quote you on.

Do you buy electronics from customers that are looking to get rid of them?
No, we don’t buy equipment. We don’t operate a storefront. We recommend the Facebook marketplace or Craigslist as good ways to sell but watch out for the low-ballers.

I need to purchase a part. Do you have it in stock?
We don’t have a retail store sorry. Parts are ordered as we need them.

What do you need if I drop my system off?
The power cord isn’t needed for desktops but is for all other devices. The user login passwords also will need to be known. No, we don’t need the monitor, mouse, or keyboard.

Do you have replacement screens in stock?
No, we don’t carry them. They are ordered which takes 3-4 business days for delivery. Rush shipping is available. For Ipads,Iphones etc. each model has a unique screen. If we were replacing them on a weekly basis, then we’d have them on hand. If your device is still usable, you can drop it off when the screen arrives if you wish.

I need the repair done as soon as possible. There is important work I need to do. Can you help me?
Our projects are worked on a first come first serve basis. You can request priority service $30 residential $40 businesses to jump to the front of the line (weekends excluded). This does not guarantee the work will completed the same day. In most situations, you can expect it done within one business day but is not guaranteed. We will finish the work as soon as possible.

Do you design & build Web sites?
We can build Web sites with a qualified Web designer who built our site. Logo & print design services are also offered too.

How does remote support work?
A remote client program is installed on your system. It connects to the remote sever that we run here. Note: We can’t connect anonymously. A pop-up appears when a the connection is made and you can see what we are doing. We only have the server running when working on a remote support job.

I accidentally deleted files I can’t lose. Can you recover them?
Yes, in most cases we can recover data. A data recovery expert is needed if the drive is having hardware issues. You need to stop using the computer/device immediately for best results. The more you use it after deleting the files the more difficult it will become.

Liquid will spilled on our tech device. Can you get it working again?
We’ll do our best! Power needs to be turned off after the spill occurs. Corrosion and oxidation will eat away at components if you use it. Don’t turn on for 24-36 hours and remove the battery. Drain and clean off as much liquid out as you can by tipping the device upside down. Use a fan to dry off as much liquid as possible and let it air dry. The components might have to be cleaned with alcohol/distilled water if this is not enough to get it back to normal.