Windows 10 is here! Need help? Contact us and we'll take the headaches out of upgrading (or removing) Microsoft's newest operating system.

Used computers available from a small business in De Pere. Most 3-4 years old and haven't been used in awhile. Thus, in great condition. Most are Asus CM-1740 (1tb hd, 4gb ram) and Compaq CQ 5600Y(500gb hd, 2gb ram) models. For more information, e-mail Amber at

Our Services

Computer Repairs & Solutions is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin and provides tech services to the surrounding area.

  • Onsite, Drop-Off, or Remote Service - We offer convenient location options for all your tech repair needs.
  • Affordable 1-2 hours is typical of most jobs. $50-100 average labor cost if worked on at our shop - $60-$120 if we come to you! For hardware repair contact us for an estimate. Heck, if it's 5-10 minute quick fix, you'll pay less yet.
  • Questions welcomed We're happy to answer any customer questions. You'll learn as we explain what happened and how to avoid it in the future.


Computer Repairs & Solutions has been helping customers with Green Bay tech repair since 2003. We're a professional Green Bay repair company you can count on to solve your problems. We provide onsite, drop-off, and remote service for your convenience.



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Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-6pm Sat 9am-3pm
** Call in advance if dropping off **

Service Area/Directions

Cities We Service: Green Bay • De Pere • Ashwaubenon • Howard • Suamico • Hobart • Oneida • Seymour

631 W Briar Lane #102
(Del Rio building)
Green Bay, WI 54301

1 mile south of Highway 172 by Dairy Queen (Allouez)


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